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Monday, January 26, 2015

... a closing door ... a new chapter ...

After over 6 years living and working at Door of Faith Orphanage, it is time for me to go... 

This may not be news to all who are reading this, as it has been a decision in the making for the last six months or so, but as of January of 2015, I am leaving Door of Faith. 

'But wait...", you say. "That is now!"

Yes. It is. And I've only avoided officially announcing this decision because I haven't had an answer to the question that will naturally follow it: "What's next...?" 

And I still don't have an answer. But let me assure you - God does. :) His timing and plan are perfect and I believe that with all that I am. He has not let me down yet, and I don't expect Him to this time either. 

That said - January has been the timing I've somehow known was right for this transition for a long while. My hope is to relocate to San Diego. To find a job there and a place to live that is not too far from the Mexican border, because let's face it - my heart is here. This place has become my home and the people I've lived among and served alongside have become my family. And I hope to be living someplace that will make frequent visiting possible. I have had a few job interviews and have my resume submitted all over the place, but nothing has yet panned out... 

In part, I am relieved that I am not leaving the orphanage and headed straight into a new job. I've been praying for a smooth transition, both for myself and for the kids here that I've become very close to. Some good friends of mine have a home on the coast, about a 15 minute drive from the orphanage and they have generously offered me a room, rent-free until I figure out what is next. I am honestly looking forward to having time to adjust, time to process, and time to REST before heading to whatever 'next' may be (& the fact that it's on the ocean doesn't hurt either...). I will also still be serving at the orphanage, though living off-site, to help avoid making this a ripping-off-the-bandaid kind of transition. Plus - I still love it here!

Many people have asked what has prompted this decision. Some of you may know that this past year has been very tough - in my personal life, at the orphanage, and seemingly for every other ministry and missionary in Baja... But honestly, all of the trials and the tears and the exhaustion have only served to ready me for a transition that I'd already felt was coming for a long while. When I first came to volunteer at DOFO, I thought I'd be here for 3 months, 6 max. and then go home to continue living my life. Obviously, God had other plans and I'm so glad that He did. 

I wouldn't trade the time and experiences I've had, the relationships I've built, or the things I've learned here for anything. I will forever be grateful to all who have supported me - through prayer, financially, listening to my vent-sessions, emotionally, opening up their homes to me, etc. - and pray that those relationships, both with my family here in Mexico and the one built of kind, generous and loving people from alllllllllll over the US I've met through working here, will be blessed and life-long.

Please feel free to email me with any messages or questions or ideas or job-leads ( :) ) or ANYTHING! I love each & every one of you & would love to hear from you! (Jarilyn.wilson@gmail.com)

Lastly - Moving is expensive. And even though I don't have a job yet, bills continue to be due and expenses from driving to interviews and food, etc. pile up, I know that God will provide, as He has faithfully done for the last 6+ years. If you feel that He may want to use you to do that, there is a "DONATE" button on the top of this blog page that leads to my paypal. I can also accept checks to:
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Thanks for taking the time to read!

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